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The genesis of Ethnic Science Foundation is solely for the betterment of quality of life on planet. Our philosophy is driven by the following principles and belief:

1) Energy is the mother of all creation. The future of science lies in Energy research.
2) Nature & welfare of humanity is core of any development.

Science has continuously pushed the boundaries of the known to unravel the unknown mysteries lying in the womb of Nature for improving the quality of life. Inspired by these principles, Ethnic Science Foundation has conceived Higher Technology Sciences & Research program with a motto of 'Science for Peace'. To bridge the gap between the known and unknown sciences, We are doing energy based research in the areas of Healthcare and Agriculture to create knowledge assets for consumption by the masses.

To channelize the knowledge assets to the consumer by preserving the quality and authenticity, We are also in Education and Media content creation as these are the vehicles of knowledge. During the Pre-Vedic and Vedic age, technological development was on the foundation of energy sciences. Harmony in Nature was central to these developments. There are ample artifacts available in the history about this approach.

This is the prime motivation and hope that is driving our research. We strongly believe this approach of development is what the world needs today to restore harmony among the individuals, families, societies & nations.

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